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Seneca Creek State Park - The Natural Place To Be    Photos by Bonnie Bell

Who We Are
The Friends of Seneca Creek State Park (FOSCSP) is a volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the visitor's experience by providing financial support and resources to the Seneca Creek State Park, Patuxent River State Park, and Monocacy Natural Resources Management Area.

Why We Raise Money

Over the past 13 years, Seneca Creek State Park has experienced a two-fold increase in visitors. During the same period, the Park's operating budget has decreased over 30 percent.

How We Raise Money

To Join or Donate, click the link below:

Friends of Seneca Creek 

State Park conducts fund-raising, collects annual dues, and accepts in-kind donations of products and services.

How Funds Are Used

The following are some of the items which are currently beyond the Park Manager's resources that the Friends plan to acquire for Seneca:

  • Communications Equipment
  • Construction Lumber
  • Playground Equipment
  • Improved Signs
  • Maintenance/Utility Vehicles

Donors for 2017

The following companies/individuals have donated goods and/or services contributing to the success of our organization: